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In association with DynIce, Hampidjan Canada Ltd. provides high-quality ropes for a variety of practical uses, ranging from harbour towing, mooring and fishing to military and leisure applications. No matter what your specific needs are, we have products in stock that are renowned for their durability and outstanding craftsmanship, with the following applications in mind:

DynIce Towing Ropes: Ideal for Harbour, Open-Sea and Emergency Towing

For a while now, boat builders and riggers around the world have discovered the benefits of synthetic fibres over steel wire in both standing and running rigging. Very efficient in removing weight aloft, not as prone to fatigue as metallic rigging, not corrosive and easy to handle in all respects are properties that make synthetic fibres a better choice for rigging in almost every instance. Hampidjan Canada Ltd. offers a variety of DynIce towing ropes with comparable size and strength to wire ropes but with only a fraction of the weight, which makes them ideal for harbour towing, as well as escort, rescue and open-sea towing.

The low weight of DynIce ropes means half the deployment and recovery time. It is possible for just one person to handle the ropes so less crew is needed to attend the tow line. Since a DynIce rope has neutral buoyancy, only the part on the deck has to be lifted; the rest floats, and in an emergency, a zodiac can be used to transfer the rope to the ship to be towed.

Both the tension and bending fatigue of the DynIce ropes are excellent. This allows a safety factor comparable to wire ropes. The normal lifecycle is two to three times that of other materials. Hand injuries because of broken wires have disappeared and the low handling weight of DynIce ropes reduces back injuries.

Sailing: The Number-One Choice among Yachting & Sailing Enthusiasts

Sailing: The Number-One Choice among Yachting & Sailing Enthusiasts
As a corporate member of Hampidjan Group, Hampidjan Canada Ltd. offers a variety of ropes suitable for sailing and yachting rigging purposes, with several of our DynIce and DynIce Dux ropes having been frequently used on some of the highest-profile yachts in the world. From the America’s Cup, TP52 MedCup and Volvo Ocean racing yachts to the newest breed of super yachts available, Hampidjan ropes have become the number-one choice among rigging professionals throughout the yachting industry due to their outstanding performance. For more information about our various sailing products, please visit our corporate site.

DynIce 75 and DynIce Dux 75 for Synthetic Standing Rigging on Boats:
Whether for standing or running rigging, boat builders and riggers around the world choose synthetic fibres over steel wire due to their eminent advantages: proficiency when removing weight aloft, no predisposition to weariness, no corrosion and ease of manipulation in every aspect.

One of the main reasons why certain critics in the boating industry are reluctant to use synthetic rigging is the elongation factor of synthetic fibres which is too high for standing rigging applications like shrouds and stays that need to be under constant tension. The other reason is abrasion resistance.

Both DynIce75 and DynIce Dux 75, being Duracoat impregnated, have exceptional resistance to abrasion compared to other synthetic fibres. Even more impressive is the elongation factor of DynIce ropes. DynIce 75 has an elongation factor of only 3.7 %, while DynIce Dux 75 goes a step further being heat-treated and factory pre-stretched, thus yielding almost no elongation, making it an ideal synthetic solution to standing rigging applications.

Lifting Products That Are Stronger Than Steel, but Light as a Feather

Hampidjan Canada Ltd. features a selection of specially-designed DynIce helicopter lifting lines to replace conventional steel lifting slings. Our lifting lines are lighter and softer to improve safety in use and ease in lifting operations. The DynIce Heliline is non-conductive and spark-free and comes in two basic types: DynIce Heliline Compact and DynIce Heliline Canvas. Both lines are spliced at both ends and delivered with stainless steel thimbles. Both lines can be delivered in storage bags clearly marked with the type. Our lines are proof-loaded and delivered with certificates for your peace of mind. You can find more information and product specifications for our lifting line of products on the Hampidjan Group website.

DynIce 75 for Marine Geological Seismic Surveys

DynIce ropes are used to replace conventional ropes and wire in the marine and offshore industry, as well as in commercial fisheries. At Hampidjan Canada Ltd., our experience and skills have allowed us to continuously improve the efficiency, safety and reliability of seismic operations. Contact us for an estimate!

PGS, the world-renowned geological exploration company, is always looking for ways to reset the industry standards in performance and capability. With that in mind, Hampidjan Canada Ltd. has developed a haired fairing variant of the DynIce 75 rope for marine geological surveys: overbraided with closely-knit polyester fibre braid, with fronds (tails) of the same material pulled out at regular intervals along the axis of the cable; both frond density and length are variable to suit cable size and service requirements. Hampidjan has since then been a major supplier of DynIce 75 to PGS.

DynIce 75 for Off-Road Sports & Really Tough Jobs

Being of comparable size and strength to wire ropes with only a fraction of the weight, DynIce 75 and other DynIce towing ropes offered by Hampidjan Canada Ltd. are ideal for many applications within sports and recreational activities. They are suitable for everyday usage or under extreme conditions in which winches and ropes are pushed to the maximum, such as river crossings and 4x4 events.

Proven More Reliable & Easier to Handle
In Iceland, the use of coverbraided DynIce 75 rope has become quite popular among off-road enthusiasts as steel wire replacement on off-road vehicles winches. Apart from having a longer service life than steel wire, DynIce 75 has proven to be more reliable and far easier to handle because of its lightness. DynIce 75 can also be easily spliced and extended if required. Because this rope has low-energy storage, there are fewer risks of accidents if it fails. All these factors allow for increased safety. Interested? Get more information on our diverse off-road products line!

Other Applications for Dynice Ropes

DynIce Warps are yet another revolution in the trawling industry with DynIce 75 ropes. DynIce warps are the most advanced rope designs for use in fisheries today.

Main advantages of DynIce warps:
Far less warp weight • The warp floats • Less fuel consumption due to low warp weight
Easier rewinding of warps • Using DynIce warps made from fibres provides increased safety

DynIce ropes have multiple applications:
Bridles • Backstrops • Sweeplines • Buoy Ropes • Pennants • Etc.

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