Catch More Fish in Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia with a Jig Fishing Machine

Hampidjan Canada Ltd. offers belitronic® Jig Fishing Machines in Nova Scotia and all of Atlantic Canada. The BJ5000Ex presents various innovations compared to its predecessors:

  • Improved robustness and rapidity
  • Increased visibility of deep fish, thanks to a large display
  • Increased ease of use, as motor and wheels function forward and backward
  • Adaptable acceleration, for engines with more rotating force
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Cost effectiveness

Whether you are fishing mackerel, halibut, cod or Pollock, the BJ5000Ex is equipped with 6 fishing programs that make it quite polyvalent:

  • Normal fishing program
  • Step jig program
  • Bottom program
  • Bottom step jig program
  • Makerel program
  • Spanish Makerel program

Considering the specifications of this innovative jig fishing machine, Hampidjan Canada Ltd. is confident that you will appreciate having this hard worker on your fishing boat!

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